THE ULTREYA (Spanish word meaning Onward) is the larger Cursillo community.  It is the time for the members of the Group Reunions to meet with members of other Group Reunions.  

The Ultreya is also beneficial in providing the support and encouragement that each of us needs.

This is done through group sharing of our


All Ultreyas meet once per month as indicated.  

NOTE:    Before each Ultreya you will be sent an email as a reminder to attend the Ultreya, along with the address and Witness Speaker.  Remember, as part of your Fourth Day, it is important to “stay connected” with the Metuchen Cursillo Movement, and make every effort to attend an Ultreya.

The following Ultreyas are being held each month.  Please stay tuned for more information as new Ultreya locations are added.


St. Magdalen de Pazzi,  Flemington , NJ
Meets:   Third Monday of the Month
Time:   7:30 PM
Facilitator:   Anne Hercek


Our Lady of Peace, Fords, NJ
Meets:   Third Friday of the Month
Time:   7:30 PM
Facilitator:   Lorri DeNoyelles  


Please see the Calendar for the monthly schedule.